S/4HANA has been a major theme at most of SAP conferences around the world. S/4HANA continues to generate interest among SAP users, but existing Business Suite customers are concerned over the lack of clarity over the migration path and product roadmap. SAP ERP users considering a move to SAP S/4HANA need to discern the implications of such a transition first.

Key Challenges

  • SAP's revised positioning and naming changes from Simple Finance and Simple Logistics to S/4HANA Enterprise Management has caused confusion among few users considering the transition to S/4HANA.
  • The announcement of the 1511 update delivers in terms of simplified architecture, new conversion tools, and transition options, building increased interest in S/4HANA, but skills and knowledge will take time to build in the SAP ecosystem.
  • Many existing SAP users are struggling to balance early adoption risks against the
  • potential benefits of S/4HANA due to the rapidly evolving scope of the solution.


  • To begin with understand and evaluate the scope of the 1511 update and how it affects your business processes to handle how this impacts your potential S/4HANA adoption. Do not assume all functionality will operate in the same way in S/4HANA.
  • Undertake a cost benefit analysis to see if S/4HANA has an effective need in your ERP strategy
  • S/4HANA is not just a technical migration but an opportunity to change your business processes and benefit from it
  • Choose from the available S/4HANA transition options and identify the best match for your risk profile and ERP strategy.
  • Identify key project considerations and tools to support the transition to S/4HANA.