disaster-managemenThe entire world continues to face human tragedy and heavy economic losses from disasters – the frequency and intensity of which have increased tremendously in recent years. We do not have a hold on the natural calamities but we can impose an effective safety management system to avoid huge damages.
In such devastating natural disasters, Disaster & Safety Management provide a foundation of fundamental elements and techniques for managing an effective safety system.
Our offerings are designed to address existing practice-knowledge gaps by equipping workforce with the right blend of academic knowledge and practical expertise, to enable them to reduce vulnerabilities and risks from hazards.

Disaster Management Training

  • Review the basic concepts, terminology and models of disaster management
  • Analyze and determine disaster risks using a risk management approach
  • Identify and evolve competent strategies and systems for disaster risk reduction
  • Establish efficient processes for mobility planning in order to improve disaster response and recovery time.
  • Adequately and smoothly set up and utilize an emergency coordination center to manage disaster events
  • Install an incident command system to a given scenario
  • Review disaster recovery frameworks and policies appropriate to the country
  • Analyze and determine key implementation issues and requirements in disaster management

Safety Management Training

  • Establish accountability for safety efforts
  • Implement proven system elements and strategy
  • Satisfy the moral, financial and legal responsibilities
  • Develop policy statements and performance standards to assist the management team fulfill its safety responsibilities
  • Control Workers’ Compensation costs
  • Create a budget for your safety efforts
  • Benchmark your organization’s safety and health system
  • Conduct an effective safety audit
  • Analyze the ethics of safety-related matters
  • Fulfill the expanded safety role and the expectation of your organization
  • Implement strategic safety efforts that will impact the system
  • Reinforce safety behavior in your organization
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