pic-domain-specific-trainingEnhance the skills of your employees by constantly re-equipping them and re-tooling their core competencies for productive results.

JKT offers a comprehensive portfolio of Industry Specific Functional Trainings. It is designed towards gaining, sustaining, and optimizing various functional skills for aall the organizations.
Our diversified experience with various industries makes our customized training program effective to enhance the capabilities of your workforce. Our expertise across numerous industries and platform enables us to effectively work on various functional requirements today for the growth and profitability of the organization. We have handpicked world – class subject matter experts in the industry, with diversified training and consulting experience. We pioneer in scrutinizing the skills enhancing requirements of today’s industry and deliver best solutions that speak volume of our capabilities.

We have expertise in delivering a variety of Industry Specific Functional Trainings. To name a few functional trainings are Payment processing, Order Processing, Accounting, Financial Modeling, order management, procurement management etc.

Training for Various Sectors

JKT Domain Specific Training