When organizations optimally leverage their learning ecosystem, enourmous value and possibilities are unbarred. This creates a dynamic cycle of value creation, transformation and reconstruction. At JKT Consulting, we are in the business of designing and empowering organizational learning systems that enhances the overall performance of global companies. We constantly ensure the opportunity of the highest quality of learning methodologies with competitive pricing and vigorous commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether it is building customized eLearning modules on behavioral areas or functional areas or providing e-solutions to customers, our focus has a unique characteristic of being ‘Innovative’, ‘Learner-friendly’, ‘Well-structured’ and ‘Quantitative’.

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LearnProf – Learning Management System (LMS)

Learn Prof - JKTLSLearnprof is an information system that executes “Instructor-led” and “eLearning” courses and keeps track of the learner development. Used internally by organization for their employees, an LMS is used to invigilate the potency of the organization’s education and training system. It is a user friendly and well structured platforrm. The JKT’s LMS – LearnProf, based on leading edge technology and best standards, interfaces between the learners and the other elements of the system and support the fundamental activities in the learning process



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