Most IT Companies are faced with the challenge every year of converting the “Fresh Talent” into “Billable Resources”. In order to make this happen, large “Induction” Batches are conducted with Technical & Behavioral inputs. The direct expenses includes 2-3 months of the Fresher’s Salary in addition to 30-50K per fresher for the training program.
Adding up the bench cost and other costs, the typical cost is about 5 times this direct cost.
However, the “total cost of ownership” of producing a billable fresher is typically 4-6x this direct cost
To summarize the challenges are as follows :


Our Methodology

Our proven model identifies the best of the candidates based on your requirements right from the Acacdemic Colleges well before they are due for graduation. This early selection helps to stich your Induction Program requirements into the last semester or immediately after and reduces the “Onboarding” time significantly thereby improving your billing resources.

Business Benefits

  • Increased bandwidth for HR & Business groups to focus on existing priorities by outsourcing Recruitment/training & Onboarding
  • Reduced Expenses for Sourcing & Deploying Trained Manpower
  • Day 1 Productivity with zero wait time
  • Convenience for mid-term evaluation & correction during which the candidates are “IN TRAINING”
  • Zero liability for “Not Selected” candidate


JKTC’s Expertise in Train & Hire

  • Deep connect with Academia for sourcing candidates PAN India
  • In-depth Technical Expertise & Experience in conducting Induction & Lateral Training for Leading IT Organizations
  • Excellent in-house Behavioral & Communication Trainers with Industry Experience
  • Complete back-end support team & alliances for Background Verification check & onboarding joining documentation support
  • Dedicated SPOC for you
  • Ready pool Creation based on your business needs / forecast