Business and IT Strategy Alignment In today’s scenario business are constantly in pressure to optimise the cost, increase revenue, build innovation and process optimisation. The market pressures of customer retention, Pricing pressures, operational costs and sustenance is a constant challenge for the CXO’s of any size of the organisations.
In order to support the constant change of the need of the business the IT has to align itself to the business needs in various directions. The purpose of Business – IT Alignment is to optimize the value that IT contributes to the enterprise. As such, in order to successfully outline a strategic IT roadmap, it is important to start here. An organization has successfully aligned IT strategy to business strategy when there is:
  • A shared understanding of how IT applications, technologies and services will contribute to business objectives – today and in the future.
  • A shared focus on where to expend scarce resources, time and money; the trade-offs the enterprise is prepared to make.
  • A credible working relationship between the IT organization and the rest of the business evidenced by reliable daily operations, responsive problem management and predictable, innovative solution delivery.


  • Global play-beyond domestic boundaries
  • Single Interface for multiple product and services-Self Service
  • Need for realtime demand vs fulfillment visibility


  • Evlving product
  • On demand configurability
  • Time to market
  • Design for new segments Positioning Strategy


  • Ability to handle comple pricing aggangements
  • STP & SCM 24 X 7 availability (JIT)
  • Ability to implement ON DEMAND business services


    • Improved STP & SCM
    • Intimacy to customer
    • Efficient asset servicing
    • Legal & reporting complexity

Assessment Appoach