When ERP is Successful?

  • It has been implemented as planned
  • Implementation is business oriented and not system oriented
  • It is being used by the end
When this is not the case then JKT can help….
One of the consulting offerings from JKT Consulting is around Application “Value Discovery”. Typically when an organisation implements the application (ERP or any other business application), there is a vision. Typically the vision gets derived from the vision of the company as percived by the senior management and purcolates down to the champions of the implementations. Over the time the vision or the desired outcome of the implementation gets diluted because of various factors. The benefits of the desired implementation gets locked mainly because of the following reasons
  • Processes that can not be performed at present with ERP.
  • Processes implemented incorrectly in present ERP suite.
  • Processes where cycle time is more than the industry benchmark.
  • Processes that costs more than the industry benchmark
  • Process needs change due to market dynamics or change in internal requirements
  • Adhoc customizations contradicting the processes and end results are not achieved
Based on almost more than a decade of experience in implementing various solutions, JKT Consulting developed a framework and methodology to help in such situation
  1. Current Environment and landscape study
  2. Analysis of the current issues and pain areas
  3. Workshop conducted with stake holders – Main ‘Pain Areas’ identified
  4. Some issues solved during the study itself – ‘Quick Wins’
  5. Issues are prioritized as per business impact, impact on, Creating competitive edge for the organization, Operational optimization, Enhancing user’s experience, Operational visibility, Better decision making and risk mitigation
  6. Findings and Recommendations documented
  7. Recommendations for ‘Value Build’ presented to the customer

Typical Concern Areas

  • Data duplication and Redundancy
  • Work Duplication & Productivity Loss
  • Lack of Inventory Management Policy
  • Sales Forecasting/Budget/Material Planning
  • Absence of Systematic Controls
  • Fragmented Processes
  • Reporting
  • Warranty Management
  • Costing set up
  • ERP Awareness

Business Impact & Prioritization