Cement companies have tremendous pressure due to the changes in the market space, the changing market dynamics and consumer trends. These challenges pose a threat to the cement companies and always a pressure on the production and the marketing team to maintain the proper cash flows and capacity utilization. Thus, a need of the robust system becomes imperative and is the need of the hour. A system that can give them the ever changing scenarios and the MIS to take the decision well ahead of time by keeping the consumer or the sales channel intact.


  1. Pressure on production capacity: Underutilization/over-capacity
  2. Streamlining the entire supply chain
  3. Robust and authentic decision making information system
  4. Capital intensive manufacturing
  5. High distribution costs, rising energy prices and declining profit margins

JKT Value Proposition

CEMEFRAME solution from JKT, developed on SAP platform with the best practices of Cement Industry coupled with 350 years of domain knowledge of Cement Industry, is a tool that has been tested and proven in the market space. Readymade templates, Industry specific processes mapped, and an analytical tool makes the CEMEFRAME one of the best solutions catering to Cement Industry.


Architecture of CEMEFRAME


CEMEFRAME is a proprietary framework by JKT Consulting which comprises of various IT enablers for Cement manufacturing industries covering Mine to Cash cycle.


  • Weigh-bridge & Gate Entry Automation
  • Trade Promotion & Pricing
  • Captive Power Management Automation
  • Trailer, Wagon & Fleet Management
  • Profit Accounting
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Mobility

CEMEFRAME brings along the:

  1. Fully equipped and ready to use Cement Best Practices & Business Processes
  2. Templatised ERP Configuration to diminish the total turnaround time and reduce the risks
  3. Cement Analytics and Reporting increases the visibility across the operations and empowers the decision making based on facts
  4. Bolt-on solutions covering Gate Entry, Vehicle Management, Weigh-bridge integration, captive power management can costing, Trade Management & Discounts
  5. SAP Platform coupled with experience and solutions from JKT consulting