Cement Industry Concerns


Capital Intensive Manufacturing

  • Capital extensive business requires high utilization of production facilities
  • Planning and optimization of downtimes and maintenance activities

Cost Control is a Must

  • High Distribution costs
  • Fast rising energy prices while product prices have to stay competitive…
  • Resulting in declining profit margins
  • Cost effectiveness on all levels sought

Flexible Planning and Production

  • Production optimization … on short term notice
  • Planning maintenance activities

Customer Service

  • Customers in remote locations
  • Centralization to become more effective
  • Self service loading and electronic invoicing
  • High change rate of orders due to uncertainties on construction sites

SCM and Transportation

  • Multiple Plants, Storage locations and customer locations
  • Significant transportation cost in comparison to product value
  • Local market, limited by transport cost ratio (cement: app. 100 km around a plant)

Industry Requirements: Process Manufacturing

Planning & Execution

  • Production Planning & Execution
  • Procurement Planning & Execution
  • Manpower Planning & Execution

Inbound Logistics

  • Weighbridge Interface
  • Raw Material Procurement
  • Inbound Quality Inspection
  • Inward Freight Bill Processing

Production & Maintenance

  • Execution Of Manufacturing Orders
  • Variance Analysis (Budget V/S Actual)
  • In Process Quality Check
  • Energy Consumption Management
  • Preventive & Shutdown Maintenance

Outbound Logistics

  • Weighbridge Interface
  • Quality Certificates
  • Multiple Dispatch Against Same Order
  • Vehicle Management

Financial & Control

  • Ebanking Enablement
  • Automated Debit & Credit Note
  • Trade Promotions (Discounts & Schemes)
  • Key Business Broadcasting Service (Mobile App.)