NAND-Flash-MemoryQlikView leads the competition in a new generation of business intelligence tools that focus on providing self-service BI. It enables the business users, analysts & QlikView Partner with the required toolkit to generate the effective information/reports from the data warehouse instead of depending on IT to create such reports for them. Adhoc data could be imported and assembled from multiple sources into a single repository, which serves as a reservoir for visual analyses of data for unique business insights resulting in effective & efficient decision making.

How is it Different?

  • Equipped with integrated BI tools, Our QlikView Services has been built to create extremely interactive applications, templates, dashboards and reports
  • Patented, in-memory technology promptly combines data from any other sources, loaded and delivered from its memory for empowering real-time analysis
  • Associative search provides google like instant results as you type. Its spontaneous interface highlights critical relationships in your data and extends it to the dashboards
  • Refines data into new views and creates new visualizations within seconds for operating exhaustive analysis. Access your analytics from popular mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry
  • Enahnced architecture ensures maximum scalability and definite security Our Services

Our Services

BI-graphJKT Consulting offers expert QlikView Services including QlikView consulting, POC Development, QlikView development, implementation and reporting services for clients across the globe. Our QlikView Consultants & developers specialize in building QlikView templates, QlikView dashboards, reports and analytical models as well as integrating QlikView with several ERP (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics amongst several others), CRM and other enterprise systems, with a prominence for delivering quality solutions that are considered to be the best among the global QlikView ecosystem. We have enabled our clients to take informed & efficient business decisions from information gathered via custom QlikView dashboards & reports; and using these perform ad-hoc analysis all in a single integrated platform.

QlikView aids in-depth data analysis with the help of the web-based AccessPoint, which allows users to access applications developed on the QlikView Developer platform. AccessPoint provides users with multiple modes of access and aids off-line usage of Qlikview solutions. The ability to use Qlikview in both a web and offline environment makes it a desirable solution for business users who often travel outside their prime location.