At JKT Consulting our global community of business technology consultants help our clients create value and architect change to support their unique business goals and objectives. JKT offers a range of business and technology services that deliver real business results for both our local and multi-national clients.
Our Services
JKT provides relevant and proven IT solutions that deliver predictable high business value.
In continuously changing business environments, it is extremely important for organizations remain competitive and dynamic leveraging the various technology solutions which can translate the organization’s business strategy into tangible business benefits or outcome based business solutions. Business Transformation Solutions at JKT help customers drive benefit by identifying and implementing these transformational initiatives.
We aim to create value by partnering with customers along with technology leaders like SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Gartner etc. to help our clients to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging relevant technologies to unlock the value in product/service innovation and invested asset value. We provide end-to-end transformational solutions across the organization, ensuring synergy between business and IT service lines in the areas of