Learning on the move in the digitally connected world has been around since smartphones and tablets became popular. With growing technology, devices are becoming sleeker, faster and information dissemination is becoming simpler. But how we consume information has also undergone a drastic change.

Life in the fast lane means less time to focus on catching up on news or learning anything new. Fortunately, with the advent of devices all around us, it is much easier to start reading an article in the newspaper to continuing the same on mobile on the subway to finishing it up on the laptop at work. This new phenomena of consuming information is called micro learning.

Millennials grew up with short attention spans which are continuously reducing with average attention span decreasing from 4 to 8 seconds since 2000. This is set to transform how people reach out for news/information/media and how businesses would be required to deliver the same. Micro-learning presents a BIG opportunity for businesses which most cannot choose to ignore.

micro learning

The power of small chunks of information can be validated by the growth of Twitter as it emerged as a key source of information. Be it politics, business, Media or Events, major announcements are done on Twitter.

Most of the employees see longer training sessions, workshops and manuals as outdated. What they crave is bite-sized information available whenever they want to access it. Small snippets of information are more useful than a complete manual in a format which can only be accessed on a laptop/desktop.

Employers need to acknowledge this change and respond with effective training tools. Transforming long and boring training into micro learning format is easy. Each section of the manual can be converted into an engaging video, and employees can be provided just a deadline in which to complete all of the small modules.  When learners have complete independence to decide their schedule, it gives them a sense of respect and trust. Also, if some edits are to be made, it can be done quickly and updated through social media. The employees get the information in little time.

How to make micro-learning work?

  1. Make the modules/updates mobile compatible for on-the-move learning
  2. Include less information at a time to avoid information overload
  3. Make it as interactive as possible for better retention

People in demanding careers have lesser attention spans; they absorb information quickly and move on to the next bit. Although developing these modules is a bit expensive however the benefits far outweigh the cost.