Partnering in Your Digital Transformation towards SAP Solutions

JKT’s SAP Support service is a one stop solution for a hassle free implementation and transition of your organization’s business processes, integration of IT platforms, unscrambling your operations, improving customer experience and promoting innovative solutions for organizational success.

As experts in SAP Solutions including SAP Channel and SAP service partnership, we pave the way for business transformation through technology.

Building on our 15 years of SAP support and Services experience, we continue to find innovative and scalable solutions for our clients. Our pool of over 1000 SAP experts across the globe makes us valuable partners for studying client’s business processes and transforming them to achieve outstanding results. We have worked with leading brands in several industries, building mutually beneficial partnerships along the way.

We apply the ASAP & RDS approach, recommended by SAP, in projects to derive maximum efficiency, productivity and scalability.

Our expertise across several industries puts us in a unique position to leverage business solutions and best practices across industries resulting in reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and faster turn-around-time (TAT). Our bespoke business solutions are built in such a way that businesses continue to reap the benefits of SAP implementation through enhanced productivity and reduced cost. Business Intelligence tool analytics and Dashboards from JKT are widely used in several industry functions for keeping track of significant processes for smooth functioning and ease of operations.